About Us

Since 1879, Teo Joo Guan Horticulture is one of the gardening pioneers in Singapore. Being a family-owned business that is currently in the third generation, the home-grown company has gained a respectable status with its prominent portfolio of original and innovative gardening. What has cemented our status as a leading horticulturist stems from our unwavering belief in a singular ingredient that nurtures all botanicals – love. As a family, we understand love is what makes the world go round. Love is what seals memories and crystalises moments.

How We Started Our Online Business

During the COVID Period in 2020, many businesses are affected, especially during the period when Singapore was having a lockdown known as Circuit Breaker. Our nursery business suffered the same fate with declining sales as companies shut down. People were also obligated to stay at home. With that little breathing space on hand, we ventured into another unfamiliar sales channel, which we have never done before. We began promoting our plants online on Carousell, Facebook Marketplace and also actively posting photos of our nursery plants on our Facebook Page and Facebook Group. Thus, Teo Joo Guan online business started this way.

To our delight, the online business picked up well, which exceeded our expectation. People were enquiring on our products, buying them and leaving positive reviews that really inspired us. To facilitate the request, we took photos of our plants and got them to choose from our variety of colours and plants so we could assure their satisfaction – what they get is what they see. We also offered delivery services to their homes. That was how Teo Joo Guan online business grew from scratch.

Before the online business started, Teo Joo Guan Horticulture business modus operandi is mainly supplying plants to wholesaler market in Singapore and a group of loyal end-users who buy from us repeatedly. 2020 spells a year of pandemic and disaster but is a silver lining to some business amidst the unfortunate situation. Now, with a new start of our e-commerce website in August 2020 to serve our new group of online customers and to provide a better service to our existing wholesalers, we are definitely motivated and rejuvenated to explore a new digital platform.

Currently, the website is in beta version and our baby steps to get things done right digitally. Along the way, if we have not made things perfect for you, excuse us as we try to be conscientious and improve our way to better communicate with you and to uphold the quality of our services. That is not all. Subscribe to our newsletter below for the latest product notification and create an account with us. We will find ways to reward our loyal customers who stay with us rain or shine, just like the hardiness of our plants. At Teo Joo Guan Horticulture, all of our floral creations are sealed with love and our customers’ ultimate satisfaction.

~ JJ Green Team ~