Teo Joo Guan Horticulture is committed and takes great pride to cultivate and supply only the best quality plants to ensure your complete satisfaction and to eliminate the possibility of any goods return. All our items are carefully inspected before delivery. Please read our Refund Policy carefully as plants are living things and may be deemed as perishable. Perishable items are non-refundable in general. We reserve all rights to accept or reject any request for Return, Exchange or Refund of our products.


» Colour Difference

Photos of your plants are sent to you via Whatsapp, email or any other communication method before delivery so you can be sure of the exact items and their conditions before delivering to you. There may be a colour difference of actual products compared to sent images as we cannot guarantee the output of the colour display on your screen will reflect the same shade and tone as the plants. Under such circumstances, there shall be no return or exchange of purchased items.

» Change of Mind

Some types of plants may have variations for you to select before adding them to cart. You are still allowed to change your mind on the chosen variation such as flower colours (no price difference) and pot sizes (with price change) before the delivery date.

  • After making payment, we will not refund any balance should the value of your amended product be lower than the original selection. If the value is higher, you have to top-up the balance.
  • Once the plants are delivered to you, we will not accept any return, exchange or refund due to your choice of selection, change of mind resulting in any price difference.

We reserve the right to reject any request for product variation change or replacement, especially on last-minute changes. Therefore, make your variation selection carefully before confirming the order and making payment.


After delivery, a living thing whose planting and care in the short and long term is your responsibility. We assume no responsibility for your plant damage by pests, weed eaters, chemicals, inappropriate exposure to light and watering, inadequate drainage, soil conditions, neglect or acts of nature such as excessive wind, heat and high humidity not within our control.

Plants have parts like leaves and flowers which may wither, discolour, tear, have holes and also broken stems over a period of time. These symptoms are normal as plants are living things susceptible to the environment, living condition and lack of plant care. Should you come across any issue in future, we are happy to provide you with advice on how to take care and maintain your plants as part of our after-sales service.


We inspect on our items meticulously before delivering to you to eliminate rejection arising from physical damage or poor plant condition and to uphold our company reputation. If you are not at home during delivery, we will take photos of the plants outside your premises to show their condition and as proof of delivery if you allow us to place them outside your house.

In rare cases where damages occur due to transportation, mishandling by contractors or any other unforeseen circumstances, we will exchange the product for you after inspecting the good and verifying the cause of damage. You will not bear the subsequent delivery charges for the product replacement in this case if the defective product does not arise from your responsibility.


There shall be no return of goods for plants under any circumstances once they leave our nursery unless valid reasons are provided within 3 days of delivery. We reserve the right to make the final decision or to reject any reason not provided within the stipulated timeline.


No cash refund shall take place at all times. If there is any approval of goods return and a refund is granted (excluding delivery charges), we will issue you a coupon code of similar product value to use for your next purchase. The refund coupon code has to be utilised within 30 days from the date of issue with a purchase amount that is equal or higher than the refund rate. You will have to pay for the price difference if the new order amount is higher. If it is lower than the coupon value, we will not refund the balance.

Delivery charges form part of our operational cost and will be excluded from the Refund Policy unless otherwise stated in Section 3 | Exchange Policy. In another word, you will still have to pay for the relevant delivery cost not inclusive in the refund value if the order amount is not entitled to ‘Free Delivery’.


If you have any questions about our Return Policy, please contact us.