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      Monstera Thai Constellation
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      • Monstera Thai Constellation

      • $450.00
      • The images of our variegated Monstera Thai Constellation plants are tied to its ever-changing prices and sold individually according to the foliage perforated patterns and amount of variegation on the leaves. We can show you 3 Monstera plant models on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp so you can choose. If you want to have more selections, kindly come down to our…
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      • Bougainvillea

      • $12.00$32.00
      • Available in pot diameter: 24 cm or 26 cm Choice of flower colours: 24 cm: Red, Dark Pink, Salmon, Yellow, Mixed, White 26 cm: Red, Mixed The stock for the bougainvilla colours is volatile. If the colour you want is not available, we will offer you alternatives or send us a sales enquiry to check.
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