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Monstera Thai Constellation

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The images of our variegated Monstera Thai Constellation plants are tied to its ever-changing prices and sold individually according to the foliage perforated patterns and amount of variegation on the leaves.

We can show you 3 Monstera plant models on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp so you can choose. If you want to have more selections, kindly come down to our nursery and choose the pot that you like.

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Monstera Thai Constellation is a very popular variegated houseplant in recent years around the world. The term ‘Constellation’ derived from the irregular creamy blobs on the foliage that look like stars. Each plant is unique, and no two Monstera Thai Constellation can be alike in its variegation. As it grows, the leathery and glossy heart-shaped leaves begin to perforate with patches of cream and white spots.

They mature into some of the most sought-after, valuable and stunning foliage in the market of worthy investment-value or transform you into a proud owner of this hipsterish variegated Monstera in Singapore. ‘Monstera’ means ‘monstrous’ and the Monstera Thai Constellation plant can grow very tall, up to 20 metres on trees. When grown indoors, there is an environmental constrain of 2 – 3 m high.

Place the plant in a bright light area out of the sun. A ray of the morning sun is harmless. Direct sunlight is damaging to the variegated leaves and can cause them to burn or discolour. The soil has to be moist and best with high organic matter and nutrients. Overwatering can cause root rot. Therefore, feel the soil dampness with your fingers first before watering your Monstera Thai Constellation plant.

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50 – 60 cm

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  1. Juayster (verified owner)

    Seller was very nice and helpful. She took pictures of the plants and send me so that I can see which one I’m exactly buying. She gave me useful advice on how to take care of the plants. I ended buying 2 monstera because they all look so nice! Also bought other plants as well. Will definitely recommend to others on their good and honest service.

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