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Seven Star Needle


  • Estimated height at point of sale: Up to 80 – 90 cm high
  • As we use non-organic applications on the plants to prevent pests and insects, please consume the leaves after 2 weeks of purchase.
  • We cannot dispense professional advice on the methods of consumption for this plant.

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Seven Star Needle plant【七星针】 known as Pereskia Bleo (now as Leuenbergeria Bleo) is said to have anti-cancer properties through 3-year research conducted by NUS Pharmacy. Seven Needle Star is one of the seven medicinal plants selected to undergo the experiment of testing the effectiveness to stop the growth of 7 types of cancers. However, the NUS research team also stressed that “people should not self-medicate without consulting qualified practitioners.” The finding deduced that:

The leaf extracts of the Seven Star Needle had performed well against cervical, colon, liver, ovarian and uterine cancer cells.

~ NUS News ~

Though used as a Chinese herb to also counter against ailments like high blood pressure and diabetes, Seven Needle Star is native to the shady, moist forests of Central America. When it does bloom, it produces orange flowers that resemble a rose. Other names associated with it is rose cactus and leaf cactus. As the plant name suggests, Seven Needle plant does indeed have sharp, prickly thorns on its stem like the cactus, which they both come from the same family, Cactaceae.

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