Calathea Roseopicta ‘Princess Jessie’


The botanical name of ‘Princess Jessie’ is Calathea Roseopicta (Linden) Regel. Calathea ‘Surprise Star’ is another common term.

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Calathea Roseopicta Princess Jessie or its cultivar name, Calathea Roseopicta (Linden) Regel has gorgeous burgundy foliage lined with a thick rim of dark pink edge that is refreshing from its greener friends. It does not like to be kept too wet for too long. A pot with a wide drainage hole and porous soil is ideal. During the night, their leaves will fold up and unfold at the sign of the morning sun. Avoid direct sun exposure to retain the unique leaves colour. Bred in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands in 2006, another name closely associated with ‘Princess Jessie’ is ‘Surprise Star’.

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Pink, Black

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10 cm (D)

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