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Dendrobium Orchid is one of the most prevalent species of orchids among orchid lovers. Its natural habitat is in Asia and acclimatises to warm and humid climates. It loves bright light and a ray of morning and evening sun would do the mini Dendrobium orchid good. It likes damp soil but before watering the plant, check the soil surface to prevent overwatering which will kill the root. Many Dendrobium species are known to remove toluene and xylene vigorously from the air.

Several hybrids in this genus have been registered and named after notable persons and institutions of whom three out of six are identifiable with Singapore organisation and well-known figures:

  • Dendrobium Joseph Schooling
  • Dendrobium Yip Pin Xiu
  • Dendrobium SCCCI 100th Anniversary (Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

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Purple, Mixed

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