Mini Staghorn Fern


  • Require high humidity
  • Water when needed
  • Indirect sunlight
  • Pot diameter 10 cm

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Staghorn Fern has foliage that resembles the horns of a stag (deer) and makes an unusual or a rather interesting ornamental plant from the Platycerium family, native to Australia and New Guinea. You can also find this plant in some regions of Indonesia and Malaysia. Staghorn Fern is an epiphyte which is also known as an “air plant”, meaning it does not necessarily need soil to grow and can grow on tree trunks or rocks.

Other mediums can also make it thrive, such as mounting it on a rot-resistant wood to withstand the spraying and watering on it. Staghorn Fern plant can get the moisture from the air, so placing it near to the bathroom is also a great idea where it can absorb the dampness. Regular misting is encouraged as the plant draws water from its fronds. The Staghorn Fern does not like direct harsh sunlight but enjoys a great amount of bright light.

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10 cm (D)

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